There are many myths about selling, and one of the most common is that a salesperson is born with the ability to sell: “you either have it or you don’t”. For many salespeople success is a hit or miss proposition; some weeks are good, others poor, and many don’t have a high degree of confidence or security in their job. It is commonplace for an organization to have one or two successful sales reps and a revolving door for all the others.

Why? What are the missing ingredients?

Without question, communication is the heart of life, and the key to success in all areas of it. But what isn’t well known is that communication can be vastly improved with the proper training! In fact, simply by learning the basic principles of communication, one can markedly improve his or her communication skills. But while good communication is essential to selling success, there is much more to the technology of selling.That technology includes understanding the principles of effective control, the laws of interest, the fundamentals of human emotions, and the ability to apply management by statistics. Effective selling also requires a good knowledge of one’s product.

Salespeople are vital to an organization success.

It is often their energy, skill and intention that keep the machine running. There can be a vast difference between a person trained in the technology of selling and one who is not. A properly trained salesperson will earn considerably more money and enjoy greater job security than one who is untrained. For an organization, the difference between a trained sales staff and an untrained one can mean the difference between failure and success. Selling is a technology, and you can master it!

“Great Salespeople Are Not Born, They’re Trained”