No doubt you are familiar with the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”?
It refers to losing touch with another individual, falling out of communication to the degree that one or both parties stop thinking of each other.
That’s not a profitable viewpoint to have.
So what is one of the best ways to nurture a client, keep them focused on you as a resource and want to continue doing business with you and referring you leads?
Refer business to them.
Find ways to introduce other clients or prospects to each other. In other words reciprocate, and when you do be sure to send them an email or a card telling Mike (your current client) you are referring him to John, your newest client.
Let’s say you sell a copy machine to a law firm A. Tomorrow when you’re selling another copier machine to company B, keep your eyes and ears open to them needing legal representation. If by chance they do then refer law firm A.
This is networking at its finest, but its hard work and requires commitment. Building a successful network isn’t done overnight, but put effort into it and not only will you benefit, your expanding client base will thank you for it.
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