A weak or missing sales process is a major sales killer

Just like a body, with organs and systems working together for a common purpose, there is a systematic technology to the sales process. A doctor that does not understand the organs that make up the systems in the body, cannot possibly diagnose and revive a person that is mostly dead. Sales Process is the vital, systematic foundation that Sales CPR is built upon. Understanding the sales process will help you diagnose why sales are mostly dead and bring them back to life.

As we covered in the book Closing is NOT Your Problem!, our discoveries led us to find that closing was never a salesperson’s problem—it was the lack of a reliable and accurate sales process with clearly defined and verifiable results at each step of the process. If such a process wasn’t established, learned, and precisely followed, the close could never happen.

We’ll be covering each of the sales process steps, in detail throughout the book as well as information on how to be successful through every sale.

An effective sales process results in consistent, predictable, manageable sales. Not having a predictable sales process results in salespeople winging it which leads to low closing rates.

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