An Open Letter to CEOs, From SELLability CEO Lisa Terrenzi
Dear CEO,

Are you operating at risk?

This month’s newsletter topic, as well as the topic for all our blogs this month, is competence. It means that your sales team, your marketing team and all the rest of your team are doing their jobs efficiently and well. This is a state in which I’m certain you want your sales team and your company to function.
In this newsletter, briefly, we’ve covered as sub-topics of competence:
• The importance of internal trust between sales and marketing
• Completing sales and marketing processes
• The prospect must trust you before they ever meet you
• The competitive analysis
• The neurotic sales process
Here’s something for you to know: if you simply committed to putting in place all the points of competence we covered in this newsletter, you would wake up at the beginning of the next year to find your company had progressed to an entirely new level. The problem is that year after year, as you don’t address these points, you might have made a little progress, but essentially, you’re stagnant and just spinning your wheels.
State of The Economy
Most people would agree that, at this point in time, the economy is doing better, and many of us are doing better economically as a result. But here’s an interesting question: would we all agree that, despite the gains, the economy still feels risky? I believe that we would, simply because of the uncertainty concerning this election year. The risk we’re feeling is that potential instability.
In truth, though, we should all be positioned to survive and succeed no matter what the economy does.
During times when the economy is good, and you’re able to maintain some level of increase, what’s not accounted for is this: when the economy wasn’t doing well, you were struggling. Now you’re doing a little better, or maybe a lot better. But you’re operating at risk simply because the foundation to carry you through any kind of economy, weak or strong, isn’t there.
So, as CEO, the best thing you could do for your company would be to implement as many of these points of competence as possible. This is the time, while we are amid a strong economy, to lay the solid foundation of your marketing and sales processes. This will bring your sales team and your company to a whole new level of competence and will make it possible for you to weather any future economy. If it becomes worse, you can ride it out. If it becomes even better, you win bigger.
Here’s to stellar sales production in 2020!
Lisa Terrenzi