“SELLability had a profound effect on my business. After learning the tools, SELLability gave me the ability to sell myself and my business increased dramatically. More over, when I go to see the prospect I know, that he will be closed. It may take one, two or three visits, but the positive outcome is inevitable.

SELLability helped me to uncover, all the difficulties that were standing in my way to successful closure. After I learned all the tricks of being myself and felt comfortable to do the presentations, I started having fun meeting the prospects. At which point I thought, that I am done, I can do it!!! However, for unknown reasons, at the time, even after having incredible presentations and being liked, the sale wouldn’t occur.

SELLability taught me to observe certain things, ask questions that are necessary to understand the needs and wants of the prospect, uncover the truth and only then leave the meeting. After this, my confidence in closure improved to almost 90%.

I now only go for prospects that can deliver the most to my company. It is funny, but they have to fit my criteria and not the other way around. That is what confidence in sales delivers. If you have the ability to close them all, why not go for the top 10?”