“In a perfect world, we could all just be good at our craft and our work would speak for itself.

But I found it very interesting over the years that I could win an Emmy for a James Cameron documentary, but have a first time film maker or student decide to use someone with less experience or facility. WHY? “I guess it just wasn”t meant to be or I guess we”re over qualified”, would make me feel better about not getting a project, but I knew it just wasn”t true.

After getting training in SELLability, I learned that Sales is just as much a skill as my craft itself. I”ve been involved in Sales most of my adult life but I never really considered what I was doing, “SALES.” This doesn”t mean I now close every project every time, but I”m so much better than I used to be and if anything, I don”t feel I have to close every project that I meet. Honestly, I do way less Sales than I used to, but work on more projects. And I don”t feel like I”m doing Sales anymore. I”m just interviewing the clients to determine how we can work together or not. Sales used to be this thing that I didn”t want to do, but I thought I had to do and there”s nothing to it, you just meet and people will be interested if you’re good at what you do. THAT”S WHERE I WAS INCORRECT!

If anything, I”ve learned how to better service my clients by making sure they understand their options. SELLability is an honest approach to help your clients and have them choose what”s right for their situation. If you come off as though you’re just trying to sell them something, that really can push clients and customers away from your business. You are the expert and you are the best to guide them in their decision. SELLability breaks down the tools to help you in the process of introducing someone to your product or service.

Thanks guys for all your help!”