“I have to be honest. Three months ago I truly doubted you could change this company for the better, but thankfully my doubts have been proven wrong. An uninspired, lethargic sales force and a stale company culture have been rejuvenated with your help over these few months. Instead of having salespeople wandering aimlessly, we now have them focused on setting and meeting sales targets, in fact, with your input our wholesale department”s monthly sales were the highest ever in February; nearly double monthly production levels from 2009, and March”s numbers are also on a terrific pace. Introducing a 120-page sales manual customized to our needs was so important to giving our managers and their salespeople a step-by-step selling system to work from. Failure is no longer an option. What”s clear is there are no more doubts as to what every sales manager and salesperson needs to do to increase sales and keep them up.

Other improvements we have made in tandem have the whole company thoroughly excited about the future, including upgrades to the showrooms, a new state-of-the-art website, new branding and re-designed marketing materials and new sales and management staff hired, trained and ready to perform. I”m truly amazed so much was done in so little time. The bottom line is we are much better off for having had you here. You gave us more than we ever expected, but more importantly taught us that our success lies in giving our customers more than they ever expect to receive.”