“Through SELLability training I doubled my income and was the top sales rep at my software company for 3 years in a row.

I learned so many applicable and usable tools with this training. First I never considered that I had a problem with communication as I was always so outgoing and could talk to anyone but I learned that there is more than being outgoing and having no fear when it comes to communication.

It really has to do with creating such a safe environment that anyone can say what they really feel about my product so that I could effectively handle that objection. It was the objections I never heard that caused me so much trouble and I realized that I wasn’t creating a safe enough environment for them to express their biggest fear.

Additionally I was under the impression that corporate sales was a logical process and once I realized that no matter the situation (B2B, B2C etc…) the buying process is always emotionally – boy did my sales and income jump! It wasn’t just a matter of recognizing that it is emotional either, because there is so much more about the sales process that you must master in order to be truly effective.

I could go on and on about the successes as I had so many, but in the end I would not have been the top sales rep 3 years running without the foundation that SELLability has given me, I can go anywhere and sell anything with this training.”